About Us

Green Thumb started out as a grass cutting business and has grown into a full service lawn maintenance company. In my early years I took an arborist course and later I became fully licensed and insured to apply chemicals and fertilizer. Due to Phosphorus ban, we are no longer able to apply it onto lawns. The only exception is seeding a new lawn or over-seeding.  As of 2015 a Pesticide ban came into effect.  We are no longer able to apply Par III to lawns. Fiesta is the only product on the market at this time that can be used on lawns.  I had been experimenting with the bio chemical for some years already and have used our own lawn as a trial area before using it on our first customer’s lawn in 2014.

We think environmentally, recycling grass when we can. If we cannot recycle and mulch the grass on-site, we collect it and haul it to our compost site. We allow the compost to reach 160 F before turning it, thus killing the weed seeds. We mix shredded paper, thatch and kitchen scraps into the compost. The finished product is sifted to ¼ inch with a Trommel screen on-site.